Hormone and Drug Pellets For Biomedical Research
For a third of a century, Innovative Research of America has assumed the leadership role in improved time release technology. The main mission is to standardize the technology of drug delivery. Our proven Time Release Hormone and Drug Pellets help investigators take charge of product delivery and expand their abilities to do meaningful and reproducible research.

The Research Problem

Since it is not easy to administer drugs and hormones orally to research animals, several delivery methods have been devised as alternatives. However, most scientists continue to labor with unreliable injectables to conduct their research.

Because of this inadequacy, biomedical research is as confusing as it is challenging and as frustrating as it is creative. The options of scientists to address scientific questions are not only dependent, but are also limited by the process of active product delivery. Traditionally, product delivery into the experimental animal has been the procedure most subject to variables and the most difficult to standardize effectively. The very process of having to accurately administer drugs to experimental animals can become a logistic nightmare for scientists.

The Research Solution:  Changing The Time Course Of Drug Delivery

The good news is that times have changed. Our proven Drug Delivery Technology is helping investigators eliminate the need for unreliable, intermittent injections. Since 1980, Innovative Research of America has been the leader in supplying scientists with long term continuous release pellets embedded with active products. Our technology provides finished products, in a ready-to-implant form, utilizing our Matrix-Driven Delivery (MDD) Pellet System. The pellets are intended for, although not limited to, simple subcutaneous implantation in laboratory animals.

The unique engineering of the (MDD) Pellet System integrates the three principles of diffusion, erosion and concentration gradients. It generates a finished pellet with a biodegradable matrix that effectively and continuously releases the active product in the animal.

The pellet delivery system can help the investigator take charge of standardizing and reproducing research results. It helps overcome problems commonly encountered by researchers who employ conventional delivery methods.

Scientists from several research disciplines have documented in scientific literature that our Pellet Delivery System is effective, consistent, reproducible, economical, reliable, and safe for the animal. For a select list of published literature please visit our references page.